Welcome to Lambsheim

A modest town on the edge of the Wine Road.
Here, wines grow facing the Kohlacker, with great joy, dedication, and love for nature.

About me

My name is Lukas Krauß, and I am delighted that you have found your way to my homepage. My journey into the world of wine began with a formative apprenticeship at Müller-Catoir on the Wine Road.
The first wines I created with great dedication date back to the vintage of 2008. In 2016, I officially joined my family's business as a co-owner, a business that was established in 1984.

Since 2018, we have been proud to be certified organic and to focus on the production of natural wines and high-quality sparkling wines. The joy of working with natural elements to produce high-quality, vibrant, and joyful wines is central to me.

In addition to my work as a winemaker, I volunteer on the municipal council and at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences, particularly in the "Wine against Racism" project. As a father of three, I value the diversity of life and also find fulfillment in working with animals such as sheep, pigs, chickens, and my dog.

The fascination with gardening, self-sufficiency, and DIY projects is another aspect of my life. In my free time, I enjoy spending time in the forest, whether hiking or searching for mushrooms. I also enjoy the wild and loud atmosphere of concerts and festivals.
Wilder und lauter darf es gerne mal auf Konzerten und Festivals zugehen.

The hat protects against rain, snow, wind, and external influences.
It looks good, connects me to my grandfather, and has always been my trademark.

I would describe myself as charismatic and unique,
just like my wines.


I have always been drawn to lesser-known grape varieties.
Thus, my blends consist, for example, of Kerner, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Herold, and Scheurebe.

These grapes have a long history and have been influential in my region in days gone by.

To preserve their history, they have received special attention from the start and have been vinified completely without additives and filtration since 2018.

Natural wines are extremely vibrant and bring great joy when enjoyed.
It brings me great joy to work independently of large corporations and only with what nature provides me.
This creates a very special connection to my vineyards and requires an extra measure of care and sensitivity to soil, climate, and plant.

My portfolio is divided into 3 categories:

"Landschweine" (Country Pigs) are always blends of regionally typical grape varieties. These wines offer a fruity introduction to the wine world of Lambsheim and are mostly aged in stainless steel. They are named after our old "Landschwein" breeds.

"Rebsortenweine" (Varietal Wines) are, as the name suggests, varietal wines, aged in used oak barrels and local acacia. The use of oak barrels gives the wines a lot of structure and depth.

Sparkling wines have long been among my favorites. For several years, I have dedicated much attention to this segment. A good Crémant or sparkling wine is always a great joy and makes every moment something special.